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Way back in 1993, when the first edition of Firehouse Cooking rolled off the press, Islandog Publications made a commitment to firefighters and a promise to the world, that for every copy sold a portion of proceeds would be donated to National Disaster Relief Funds.

We felt it was the least we could do, as firefighters and these support organizations do so very much in the face of lifes' tragedies. It was important to find the right charity, while there are many commendable organizations who could use these funds on a local or regional level, we felt because the cookbook was sold to a national market, that we would donate something to a national cause. We were surprised to learn that we were the ONLY national published Firehouse cookbook to donate ANYTHING to charity. So, we have set a goal to raise $50,000 dollars. Islandog Publications has set aside $500.00 to get us started off on the right foot, now with your help we only have $49,500 left to go!

When we first self-published Firehouse Cooking, we donated generously. After the cookbook was sold, we continued to donate, but on a much smaller level, as our sales were impressive, but our our royalties weren't.

That is why when the publishing rights reverted back to us, we gladly began developing this cookbook as a special edition. We are looking forward to making more donations to the National Disaster Relief Fund. Our commitment to America's Bravest is that for each and every copy sold from this web site we donate $1.00 per copy to the National Disaster Relief Fund. For copies sold in stores, to distributors, on other web sites, or in most other venues, we donate a portion of the proceeds. Our commitment is that for every 1000 copies printed and sold of this edition we will donate $250.00 to the National Disaster Relief Fund.

Twice a year we will have our accountants do an inventory of books sold and we will then send a check off to the Red Cross in the proper amount. When we do, we will post the amount here. Unfortunately, your purchase of Firehouse Cooking is not tax deductable. But feel good that you are getting a quality cookbook and helping the less fortunate at the same time.

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