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Coupon Policy

All coupon request correspondence should be directed to coupons@firehouse-cooking.com.

An original receipt or other proof of purchase may be required.

Islandog makes available coupons to the purchaser(s) of its cookbook(s) at its own discretion.

No more than 2 requests per household will be honored.

Islandog may ship the cookbook with the coupon/rebate offers enclosed, or may require the end purchaser to either return a pre-printed redemption certificate, or make the request by mail, fax, or email. All contact and correspondence should be directed to Islandog Publications. All reasonable efforts will be made to handle coupon requests in a timely fashion.

All requests regarding coupon/rebate redemption or validity should be referred to the specific coupon provider.

Coupons or rebate offers listed on the website are placed at the sole discretion of islandog publications and may be removed without prior notification to either the supplier or manufacturer, or those individuals that may have previously downloaded the offer.

This action may, or may not make, previously downloaded offers valid.

Islandog may make your email address available to the coupon provider(s).

Islandog makes no representations as to the validity of the coupons. Specifically, but not only, regarding any exclusions, omissions or expiration dates on behalf of the coupon provider.

Islandog Publications, its heirs and executors, holds itself and its employees not responsible for any loss, personal or financial, regarding any of its own, or others, products or services. Islandog and its employees represent only that any coupon or rebate offer is a value added incentive, and that this representation is not an endorsement, in any way of any specific product or service. Islandog and its employees are not responsible for any products use, or misuse. Including, but not limited to, its own; but specifically, any coupon provider. Any attorney’s fees, fines and/or awards, resulting out of such action shall be the responsibility of any first, second, or third party litigant; criminal or civil, regardless of jurisdiction, or court. Even if the action is deemed founded and based.

This coupon policy can change without prior notice.

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