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Please enter your information below to submit your recipe for consideration for the XEROX Firehouse Recipe of the Month.

To help you get your free cookbook, we’ve made some notes to assist you while putting your submissions together. Of course, there are inevitably going to be questions from either you or from us. Please, just do the best you can, and feel free to contact us if you want. Remember, have fun and be creative; and don’t forget to completely fill out the “About Me” portion of the form.
Name: **
Address: **
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City: **
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Zip: **
Email: **
Home Phone: **
Alternate Phone:
Recipe Title:
This is where you make the recipe your own. Call it pretty much anything you like, within reason of course. We do have a sense of humor, but use censors to allow all ages the option to enjoy our recipes. We recommend titles like "Firehall #17 Doughnuts", "Captain Soprano’s Linguini", or "First Response Stewed Prunes". Titles named as a tribute to a favorite firefighter are also highly recommended.
Serving Size:
You know — Makes 1-9X13 inch casserole; Serves 6 hungry people; Makes 1-55 gallon drum.
Special Equipment:
As in — Dust and flour two 9-inch cake pans; Preheat oven to 425 degrees..
List of Ingredients:
Try and list ingredients in order of usage. Please be as specific, and as precise as possible.

3/4-cup flour;
1-pound ground beef;
1 large onion;
two 1-pound boxes of spaghetti, cooked,
8 heaping tablespoons toasted daffodil.
See how easy this can be, but if you get stuck just do the best you can and we’ll figure it out.

If you have any comments about substitutions, or any thoughts about specific ingredients that might be difficult to find, or regional in nature, this is the place to mention them.

Steps of Preparation:
Once again, please be as specific as you can.

In a large frying pan melt the butter; Sauté onions until soft; Add the ground beef and sauté until well browned; Add the liquid and spices in a slow stream; Reduce heat and cook, at a slow simmer, for 45 minutes. Stirring occasionally.

Don’t be too afraid of forgetting something, we’ll probably catch it; we just need as few reasons to call you with questions as possible.

Serving Suggestions:
Give us your serving suggestions here.

Perfect for Sunday afternoon brunch buffets. Spread on crackers for a quick late night snack. Serve with lots of cold beer.

Roll Call:
Now all that’s left is to tell us about you and the recipe. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar, and you don’t need to be real specific, just the usual… Where did the recipe come from? Are you, friends, or family, firefighters? Are you/they career or volunteer? What’s the name of the department/firehouse? How long on the job? Why is this recipe special/important/unique? If you answer these questions that’ll probably be plenty. But feel free to write as much as you want.

Terms & Conditions:

** I represent that I have read, understood and agree to the Terms & Conditions, that I am at least 18 years old, the information I’ve included is accurate, that I am not falsely representing another person or entity, and that the Terms are as binding on me as a signed document.

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